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PW Midwest Interview

Interview conducted by Pro Wrestling Midwest

PW Midwest: How did you get into the wrestling business, and was it something you had always wanted to do?

Malice: Wrestling was sort of in my blood, or that's what I like to say. Ever since I was young, since I could remember, my uncles would watch the old AWA. I grew up in Milwaukee, and wrestling was pretty big down there in the 80's. We would always go to the independent shows at Federation Hall, every Saturday. I was always a big fan, never missed a wrestling show or PPV that was on, and my cousins and I would play in the front yard, we would pick who we were portraying, and stage matches. When I turned 10 yrs. old I moved up to this area {Augusta}, and by 13 I met my best friend and partner Venom. I started in his backyard league he had going, and a few years later we went to Jim Gagnon's All American Wrestling. Before I wrestled I was part of the ring crew for at least 1 year, and did some security work. When I first started training I was trained by J-Rock, Mad Wolverine, and Mike "The Bull" Geuke. I had my first match on Sept. of 2001, and never looked back. I love this business and couldn't dream of not being in it.

PWM: Describe Malice to us.

Malice: Well first off my real name is T.J. Shimek, and most of my time is devoted to wrestling, from going to the gym, to studying my tapes to pick out some flaws. I work hard on trying to be the best person and wrestler I can be.

PWM: You're still relatively new to the business, and still learning alot, what do you try to take in each time out?

Malice: I try to take in as much as possible. I always make a habit of talking with who ever I work with and ask them what, if anything went wrong, and how to fix it. I always try to better myself every time I'm out there.

PWM: In your opinion, what makes a great match?

Malice: The biggest thing is communication, you have to have good communication. You have to have the fans into the match,if they are not into it, then all the best highflying, or dazzling moves don't mean anything, no injuries, and you gotta have fun.

PWM: To you, what's the best aspect of Pro Wrestling?

Malice: Meeting with the fans during the intermissions. I love seeing how excited the fans get when we walk out there, and they know they are going to get a chance to shake our hands, give us a hug, get an autograph, or just talk to us. I also like the traveling, its fun to see new things and meet new people, and then you can't leave out just plain PERFORMING.

PWM: And the worst?

Malice: Injuries, injuries are the very worst.

PWM: Is there one match you've been in that sticks out as a favorite?

Malice: I had alot of matches that I liked. Lets see...I really enjoyed me and Venom's tag wars against J-Rock and Sabot. My many altercations with Mad Wolverine, and my many wars with Venom.

PWM: Who have been some of your other favorite opponents?

Malice: By far my favorite opponent has to be Venom, but I also enjoy wrestling J-Rock, he is totally awesome in the ring, and he can make anyone look good. I have just started to wrestle the War Machines, they are fun to work as well. I also enjoyed working Tejas the few times I got the chance.

PWM: On the Midwest scene, who do you think deserves to go work at a National level?

Malice: I think that Mitch Paradise, CM Punk, Colt Cabana, Angel Armoni, that's just to name a few, I have not seen too many workers from the Midwest up close.

PWM: Using local talent, what one match would you book?

Malice: If I were to run a show I could not leave a match out of Angel Armoni vs. Horace The Psychopath.

PWM: Who have been some of your biggest influences in wrestling?

Malice: Everyone who was a regular in AAW. I learned alot from Angel Armoni and Horace about psychology, these guys know their stuff. I accept all the advice, and positive criticism that I can receive.

PWM: What's the best match you've seen live?

Malice: I'm gonna go outside the big leagues here and stay on the indy scene, cause these guys bust their ass for the sport. I am gonna say CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana in West St. Paul.

PWM: Who were some of your favorite wrestlers growing up?

Malice: I will admit I was a Hulkamaniac lol. But my favorite wrestler of all time is by far The Undertaker. Some of my other favs are Brett Hart, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Hyabusa, that's just to name a few, this list can go on forever.

PWM: If you could wrestle anyone, alive or dead who would you pick?

Malice: That one is easy, Undertaker.

PWM: How much of your time is occupied by pro wrestling either training, tape watching or net surfing?

Malice: I try to put as much time into it as I can, I am in the gym as much as possible, I don't have a facility to train in right now, but fortunately I have been working quite a bit lately.

PWM: What is your most memorable moment in wrestling?

Malice: Winning the AAW Tag Team straps with Venom.

PWM: When did you make your debut, who was it against, and what was it like?

Malice: It was scary, it was a 6 man tag. Me, Venom, and the now Logan Lasher X vs. Bull, Wolverine, and Natural.

PWM: What is the one thing you would most like to improve on?

Malice: Mic skills, I have horrible mic skills.

PWM: Give us a brief summary of your career.

Malice: Had my first match in Sept. of 2001, won the tag titles with Venom 4 months later in a tag team tourney, and lost 'em 6 months later to J-Rock and Sabot in Iowa. Split from Venom and had many brutal wars with him. Won the Hardcore title from Natural in Aug. of 2002 with the help of Angel Armoni. Lost it in the same night to Mad Wolverine. Have since joined back up with Venom and in a war with the War Machines and the IWI.

Word Association:

Jim Gagnon- Hell of a promoter, gave me my break into the business.

Venom- Best friend for 12 yrs. and hell of a worker and tag partner.

Big Dog- Tends to put himself over at times, but improving.

Darkchild- Only met him a couple times, always been nice to me.

Sabot- Heard alot of stories about this guy, never had a problem with him, had excellent matches with him.

Mike "The Bull" Geuke- Very nice guy, try's hard in the ring, and out of the ring promoting.

Mad Wolverine- Very dangerous, had good matches with him, great at hardcore.

Angel Armoni- Great worker, helluva guy when you get to know him.

Mike Mercury- Only met him a couple of times, very funny guy.

Xavier- Good worker, great for a big guy.

Asylum- Great guy, great physique, improving rapidly.

Horace- Another great worker, funny guy, wanna work him.

Silas Young- Very talented, has a bright future ahead of him, can't wait to work him.

PWM: Where do you see yourself in 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years?

Malice: Hopefully still in the business, I would love to get a tryout or dark match with a big company within the next 5 years. I want to get some more experience under my belt before I do that of course, but that is a major goal.

PWM: Anything you want to plug?

Malice: Yes definitely, my website, go to from there I have a few links of other feds on there.

Pro Wrestling Midwest